Is the style Michael Crichton or Paul Coelho? Is it Science Fiction, Adventure Mystery or Metaphysical Thriller?

Sarah Baskin and Michael Seagal’s trip to Uzbekistan to investigate the 1980s Aral Sea environmental disaster leads to a mysterious discovery of a gruesome animal massacre and communications with a telepathic consciousness called M’lowCloom (MC). It tantalizes them with a worldwide odyssey that re­veals startling truths about the earth’s history and life’s evolution, as well as its own self-serving motives.

 Marrying hard science biotechnology with a full-throttle action thriller, The Prophesy Gene features a strong female protagonist in passionate pursuit of her life’s work. Doctoral student Sarah embarks on MC’s quest, convinced that it will provide her with scientific proof that humankind is destroying itself and the planet with reckless genetic engineering. Michael seeks to vindicate his faltering career as a serious scientific journalist, but his far more dangerous goal is to learn and expose the true identity of MC.

The first cousins are bound by more than genetics. Though glib and impulsive, Michael’s brilliant ghost-writing hides Sarah’s learning disabilities, while alluring Sarah helps Michael through his perpetually awkward phase with women. Using MC, the interdependent best friends pursue individual professional success, both with and in spite of each other’s manipulations.

As they ineptly globetrot from Antarctica through war-torn Sudan and to the toxic sulfur springs of Portugal, Sarah and Michael discover that a rare, shared recessive gene is the key to their invaluable telepathic relationship with MC. But MC will use them to destroy humanity if science continues to thwart natural selection and stifle the propagation of the genetic trait that embodies MC’s very existence.

If you believe that biological and nuclear weapons are the last frontier for global annihilation and that medical science has improved the quality of life, then The Prophesy Gene’s scientifically valid premise about evolution will leave you questioning your entire belief system.

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